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As much as I wish I was one of those travel bloggers who is brave/crazy enough to sell all belongings and live life on the road, I’m not.1780917_10152121166746430_1290564596145050417_n

Instead, I’m a 9-5er with rent and responsibilities . . . similar to the rest of the world I imagine.  I also do not pride myself on being ‘spontaneous’ and leaving my adventures purely up to chance. I do my research, plan my itineraries down to the hour, and then hit the ground running the second my plane touches earth. This approach empowers me to find the best deals ahead of time; avoid tourist traps; and make the most of each day I spend traveling the world.10906426_10152574749621430_3466742987790074835_n

I’ve zip lined above the Costa Rican Cloud Forest canopy, listened to authentic Fado in Portugal, hiked the Canadian Rockies, boated across Iceland’s glacier lakes, and savored Texas BBQ.  I’ve traveled both solo and with loved ones, and have stayed in accommodations ranging from shared hostel dormitories to upscale hotels to log cabins with alpacas for neighbors.10847571_10152672492036430_6108744124103466859_o

No matter where I go though, I leave my high heels at home and live almost entirely in my sneakers. This way I can streamline my packing and be practically prepared for the non-stop adventures ahead.

I hope readers benefit from my destination reviews and traveling tips, and perhaps even find fresh inspiration to jog the imagination.

To contact me, please email me at SneakerTravelTips@gmail.com

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