Dr. King’s Farm in Asheville, NC: Review

For a city that could arguably be described as “tiny,” Asheville is wildly diverse. Case in point, Dr. King’s Farm and Carolina Bison. This is a place in which visitors can interact with bison, camels, watusi, and more. I’ll admit, when I first did my research for the farm, I was discouraged by the lack of online reviews. However, I decided to take the $12.00 gamble to check out the tour for myself.


In short, there was nothing I would have changed about the tour. The land was beautiful, the group sizes were small, our guide was pleasant, and the animals were plentiful. My review of Dr. King’s Farm is a large thumbs-up!dsc_0558-2

How to Get There & Get Around

Travelers will be unable to access the farm without a car, given its remote location. However, despite the rural surroundings, visitors from Asheville won’t have to travel more than 25 minutes to reach the farm. It’s nestled amongst elevated rolling hills that serve up beautiful views.


Once there, visitors will be carted about the farm in a cart hooked up to a tractor. While the ride can be bumpy, a bench provides comfortable sitting and makes this attraction a wonderful activity for those mobility-impaired.

What to Expect

The first two yards we visited had buffalo galore. It was a refreshing sight to see that the animals were provided with generous amounts of land in which they could roam, so any reservations I had about inhumane treatment were squashed.14701001_10153944163791430_1475883057169387421_o

Upon our arrival, the buffalo swarmed about us as we threw them treats. Please note that we were NOT allowed to touch the buffalo. Our guide was able to confidently answer any of the questions our group threw her way, but most of us were too preoccupied with interacting with these large creatures to want to want to actually learn about their species or the farm.


Next, we went to a similar yard in which African watusi resided. We were able to touch the exotic cow-like creatures, which added a new layer of excitement to our adventure.14715531_10153944163981430_1024589267367249282_o-1

The large horns that made the animals somewhat intimidating also prevented them from getting too deep into our cart as they excitedly sought out treats.


Following this, we were led to an area in which we could pet the milking camels. It was nice to pet them but, after our close encounters with the throngs of buffalo and watusi, the two docile camels we petted weren’t quite as memorable.


In summary, Dr. King’s farm is well worth the money. The tour started on time, we got just the right amount of interaction with the animals (I was previously worried that we would be too far away), and the group sizes were small enough not to be unpleasant.

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